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Kristin Schmidt
December 6, 2017

“I call shotgun!” Anna yelled, running out of the elevator.   Natalie rolled her eyes, adjusting her purse strap and following after her sister. Down the row of parking spaces, their old silver car chirped loudly, its lights flashing once. She walked down the aisle, watching Anna pull open the passenger door and jump inside.   “I guess I’ll sit in the back then,” Natalie muttered, “it’s not like I’m the one that needs to go somewhere or anything.”   ...

My Potatoes

Jaqulyn Stelmack, Guest Writer
December 6, 2017

Running frantically around the kitchen, Wondering where they might have gone. I pause and turn, There my brother stands, He stares in fear, because he knows I know, HE STOLE MY POTATOES.   He stole my potatoes, my one and only love. I prepare for battle, for he must die.   You might think I’m crazy, You may even be afraid. But potatoes, you see, Are ...


Dani Reese, Independent Writer
November 29, 2017

Camhanaich I sit up in bed, Soft light filters through the blinds Of my bedroom window. There is not much. I don't have to wait For my eyes to adjust. I get out of bed. The window is cold; It reminds me of him. I sit on the section of roof Outside my room; Where we would gaze at the stars Together. Camhanaich: (n.) the dawn, twilight ...

Kristin Schmidt
September 12, 2017

“And in other news, the CEO of Allen Robotics has unveiled the newest model of the T987 home assistant droid, nicknamed the ‘Clarice’ model. This newest take on the popular home droid has an upgraded power module, a more advanced AI, and several new functions that CEO Williamson will reveal later this week at the Expo.” “Can we please watch something else? This is boring.” Natalie glanced over at her sister, brow raised. “The news is important, Anna,” she said. Her...

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