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Walker Creedon Commitment

Sean Petersen, Sports Writer

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Walker Creedon is a swimming and diving commit to University of Virginia. He recently moved from Los Angeles to Cary in 2017. He will be competing this weekend at the State Championship and hopes to help lead Green Hope to a State title.


When did you begin diving?

“2009 for a club back in L.A.”

What inspired you or pushed you to pursue diving at the collegiate level?

“University of Virginia’s academic opportunity and representing something bigger than myself.”

What schools were you considering before your commitment?

“University of Pittsburgh, NC State, ECU, La Salle, Alabama, and University of Kentucky.”

What separated UVA from the others?

“Better academic opportunity and better team comradery between swimmers and divers.”

What was the deciding factor in your choice?

“How competitive the school is in athletics”

Did sports prevent you from doing anything you would have done if you had not been occupied with sports?

“More social activities, school clubs, and that type of stuff”

Who is the most impactful person you have ever had in your sports life?

“My mom because she encouraged me to continue when I was at a low in my sport so I have to thank her for that.”

Do you know what you want to major in?

“Political Science”

Do you think student athletes should be paid in college?

“No, because the school is paying for their education”

What are your plans/goals for after college?

“Law school”

Is a  glass half full or half empty?

“Half full because it’s just the beginning in my life and diving is a launching pad to my future career.”

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Walker Creedon Commitment