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Coral Aman, Staff Writer

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Mr. O’Brien is an English teacher here at Green Hope. Every year in December, Mr. O’Brien has his class write letters from Santa. The envelopes are all uniquely decorated and addressed from the North Pole. Then, these letters are sent to the children of Green Hope teachers, but students are also given the opportunity to send these letters to their own family members. Many children of Green Hope teachers look forward to receiving these letters each year. Mr. O’Brien takes two days each fall semester, and his students spend time decorating envelopes with holiday cheer and writing personalized letters to children from the big man in red.

I asked Mr. O’Brien a few questions about the letters:

Can you describe the letters you have your students write?

“We write letters to children who still believe in Santa. The letters are all three paragraphs long, and the middle one contains personal information about the child that the parents give me. They are all mailed to Fairbanks, Alaska and sent back with the official postmark of the North Pole.”

How impactful are the letters your students write?

“They are very impactful. I receive many emails from parents thanking the students for writing them.There have been known to be some fights at school about the letters because some students don’t get them. Some teachers have children who have received these letters since they were two years old: Ms. RobinetteAsus Laptop
and Ms. Lassiter.”

How long have you been doing this?  

“I have been doing this for seventeen years, and at least 2,600 letters have been written.”

About the Writer
Coral Aman, Copy Editor

Coral is a senior this year and it’s her second year taking the Falcon News Feed class. When she’s not running in the Cross Country or Track seasons, Coral enjoys spending time at the beach and even says if she had to live anywhere outside of the United States it would probably be a tropical island somewhere. Christmas is one of the best times of the year according to Coral; decorating and putting up the tree is her favorite family tradition. Many seniors get anxious to leave Green Hope and Cary, and Coral is no exception. Although she’s a little scared to leave everything she’s ever known, this senior also can’t wait to meet new people and have new experiences; she’s just hoping she doesn’t get senioritis as graduation nears! In the future, Coral hopes to see herself working as an occupational therapist and helping others with basics everyday things, or participating in scientific research, which makes perfect sense seeing as science and math are her two favorite subjects in school.

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Green Hope’s Own Kris Kringle