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New Badminton NC Club Fuels Triangle Badminton Enthusiasts

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Uma Bhat, Green Hope High School, Cary NC

At first sight, the metallic blue building off the side of Morrisville Parkway may seem like an ordinary place. There’s a large sign, a few cars, and a striped logo. However, though the building is seemingly normal, inside is an old market transformed into a facility ready for blasting shuttles and sweat – all under the watchful eye of Rajender and Soumya Gade, the two head coaches. This is the Triangle’s latest upcoming badminton facility: Triangle Badminton Club.

“The motivation to build a badminton center comes from the fact that it’s relatively unknown sport in USA, but at the same time it’s an Olympic sport that’s truly a great [,] great sport. Although it’s a superior sport to Tennis*, it receives so little attention in USA. This is a big motivation to promote the sport in Americas.” Facility head Rajender Gade says. “With the large growth we are witnessing in the Cary-Morrisville area, there’s need to not only build new schools, but sports facilities that would help the Cary-Morrisville sports enthusiasts.”

Gade and his daughter [,] Soumya, a national junior badminton champion, have a goal in mind: to promote badminton in the Cary-Morrisville area. Not only are the father-and-daughter pair opening a new facility, but they’ll be coaching and creating an environment where junior and senior players alike can thrive.

Though the new club will be opened in the heart of the Cary-Morrisville area, many Green Hope students do not know much about the sport. Badminton is generally played by Asians and Europeans; in Green Hope and surrounding areas, badminton is considered a backyard sport. Much of the spotlight is placed upon sports such as football and basketball. The opening of this new facility is expected to attract more attention to badminton, a sport that is slowly growing in popularity. Because of this, and due to the fact that several new players have begun to play regularly, new badminton facilities are needed in the area.

“I feel like Triangle Badminton Club is a good addition to the area, because badminton is a growing sport in this area.” Prominent player, Bernard Lai, says. “We have about – between Cary, Raleigh, [the] Triangle, [and] Chapel Hill, about over 1000 players. So we definitely need the facility. It would give people more opportunity to play [badminton].”

Lai is a member of North Carolina’s Badminton Club, a coach at Bond Park’s badminton classes, as well as the owner of a company that sells badminton goods. He believes that the addition of a new facility to the Cary-Morrisville area will further popularize badminton, and would like to see more Americans exposed to the true nature of the game.

“Badminton is not very popular the eye of the US [citizens], so more clubs in the area, more awareness, you know, friends telling each other [about badminton], school activities, that would help [for further popularizing badminton].” He added.

At Green Hope, the president of the Badminton Club, Brian Liu,  also agrees.

“I think that the current situation of badminton in America is very limited to the West Coast. Due to the dominance of other youth sports such as football, basketball, and baseball, badminton has very limited space to grow in the shadow of these other popular sports.” He said. “I think that most GHHS students perceive badminton as a recreational sport. It is kind of like bowling, people know that there is a very competitive division of the sport, but they are only exposed to the more recreational aspect of it. From my experience, many students have had a very positive impression on badminton and would like to continue to play the sport if space and equipment were available.”

In addition to being closer to the Cary-Morrisville proximity, Triangle Badminton Club will be equipped with several amenities, including ten Olympic courts, a sports bar, centralized air conditioning to optimize shuttle performance, shower rooms, a sports-shop, as well as a plethora of several other added bonuses.

“[I envision that it will become an] affordable, fun place to hangout and play badminton. At the same time I also want it to cater to any serious badminton players (junior/senior) that want to play at National/International level.” Gade stated. “We would like our club to be a welcoming place for our future players/members where all their badminton needs are met as well as a cool place to hangout after some game time (with an adjacent sports bar).”

Hopefully, a new badminton facility will not only open up more time for players, but will further promote and popularize the game of badminton among Green Hope students and their families.

The Gade’s will be opening the Triangle Badminton Club in Morrisville NC to all badminton enthusiasts and beginners during November 2017 . Visit for more information.

*Gade does not mean to imply that Badminton is better than Tennis; Badminton is simply much more popular outside of the United States than Tennis is.

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New Badminton NC Club Fuels Triangle Badminton Enthusiasts