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Puerto Rico Disaster

On September 20th, Hurricane Maria made landfall in the Caribbean and destroyed a large portion of Puerto Rico. About a week later, roughly 3.4 million  Puerto Ricans struggle to recover after the disaster. However, these citizens are faced with many problems along the way. Not enough drinking water, power outages, closed pharmacies, low access to fuel, and closed hospitals are just a few setbacks on the way to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico.

Only about 45 percent of 4.3 million people in Puerto Rico have access to drinking water, and only 5 percent of the population has power. Authorities expect to have power across the island before March. Additionally, a little more than half of all gas stations are closed. Hundreds of people began camping their cars at gas stations overnight so they don’t lose their place in line. Many pharmacies and hospitals are also closed across Puerto Rico, which could also cause injuries to become more severe, or increase the death toll. The current death count is 34, but it has not been updated in days.

President Trump arrived in Puerto Rico on October 3rd, and many Puerto Ricans are optimistic that aid will be sent to them. A coffee-farm owner in Puerto Rico, Jose Roig, was asked (by USA Today) what he would say in result of the recent disaster in correlation with the lack of US aid. He responded with, “We are an American territory, and don’t abandon us.”  This quote is a very popular opinion among many Puerto Ricans who request help from the US. The future is unknown for Puerto Rico, and a full recovery may take longer than expected.

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