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Gabbie Zimmerman

Gabbie Zimmerman

The Inkblot
Spring 2017, Issue 1: Light

he Inkblot 
Spring 2017.  The topic is light. Creative Writing II students crafted pieces on this theme.  The Editorial Board members for this issue are Brionna Dallara, Alex Dressler, Daniel Pearce, Ariel Penland, Margaret Neumann, and Gabbie Zimmerman. This team worked closely with each other and with all of the issue writers and contributors to shape the content and direction of the issue and to ensure its success. Below are some thoughts from a few of the Board members.

What is so simple and a part of everything we do can be so vastly different for so many. ”

We celebrate all styles of writing, and I believe this issue highlights the many ways we can view something. Please enjoy The Inkblot: Light. -Alex Dressler

Light is all around us, but usually goes unnoticed.  This issue brings attention to the variety of light we have in our everyday lives.   It takes a look at the way light affects life, the big moments and the small.  Enjoy.  -Ariel Penland

Welcome to the first Inkblot of the semester! As an Editorial Board, we chose Light as our topic because we thought it would be a fun topic for the authors to write about and that it would be broad enough to highlight the incredible diversity of writers and styles that we have contributing to the Inkblot. From horror, to romance, to comedy, this edition has it all. Hope you enjoy reading and that you stick around for the coming editions and get to know us even better!   -Daniel Pearce

It Happened in the Dark
Before I Enter The Light
Moon I
Ninja Academy Vol. 1: Light
Hughes’ Hues Views Episode 43

Save the Planet; See the Stars

Opal Clarkson, Creative Writing II

Daisy is a third grader with a love for nature. She has always loved going outside to the forest near her house and observe the trees and flowers, and she is thinking about being a botanist when she grows up. Daisy especially enjoys smelling the fresh, damp smell of the plants in the morning while they were still shimmering with dew, and hearing the leaves rustle in the wind with soft, smooth flower...

In Light of Darkness
Lite Lady