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The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials Review

October 14, 2015

Many, both young and old, have heard of and read the popular book entitled, The Maze Runner, and maybe even the three books in the series that followed. Last year, movie producers were able to transform the series by bringing it to the big screen. Those same producers just recently completed the second film, The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. After the success of the first film, the second was expected to be just as inspiring, if not more so, and it did not disappoint.

Even though the movie pleased the majority of the public, it fell short to some book-lovers. While such bookworms have concluded that the movie will never live up to the written version, the accuracy of the first Maze Runner film set the expectation for the second movie to stay consistent with the book, but this was not the case. Wes Ball, the director, skillfully crafted the movie to contain both action and drama to keep his viewers happy, but the storyline was so narrowly focused on the characters that it missed essential elements of the main plot. The books are centered around a group of teenagers undergoing a series of trials in order to find a cure to a disease that leaves the infected zombified. The movie focuses on the characters Thomas and Teresa, and the race for a cure is almost background noise.

Overall, the movie is a fun, action-packed teen romance, but if the viewer is expecting something similar to the first movie, they should prepare for disappointment. Wes Ball has one more shot at bringing the movies back around to focus on the plot. If he is unable to, then The Maze Runner series will become yet another trilogy, like The Matrix or Transformers, where the quality degrades as the series goes on, and a love story takes precedence while the storyline is obscured in the distance.