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Mission Impossible

September 11, 2015

Christopher McQuarrie gave Mission Impossible fans one of the most thrilling experiences yet. The movie begins with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) grasping the side of an A400m Airbus while trying to thwart a new evil plot involving nuclear warfare; viewers are immediately enveloped in the jaw dropping stunts and intricate story line. Cruise is truly the life of the film; he does everything from intense motorcycle chases to evading capture by the CIA with cool composure.

The fact that Cruise performs his own stunts at the age of 53 is quite a feat, compared to many other actors of his age who choose to play less taxing roles. He isn’t getting any younger, but his acting career is only getting stronger.

The box office has taken in nearly $500 million worldwide in just a month since the film has been released. Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is the fifth in its series, but rumors are spreading that claim a sixth movie is in the works. The series isn’t expected to stop until Ethan Hunt dies for good.

Overall, the film is a must-see. Tom Cruise gives an astounding performance, and leaves fans in anticipation of yet another Impossible Mission.