For students, by students

Daniel Shedrick

Sophomore Daniel Shedrick is new member on the yearbook staff. Although he has only been a part of the team for a few months, Shedrick has learned and experienced a lot. “I’m learning  a lot of software skills, and how to talk to people better or interview them. My favorite part of the class is going out to interview Green Hope students, because I get to talk to new faces, and everyone always has something funny or interesting to say.” Yearbook is a time commitment, but Shedrick finds it worth it. “Sometimes, coming up with ideas for pages is really difficult, and it really pushes me to be super creative. I think it’s really important to get everyone’s story out, and to understand how our school feels and thinks, and I’m looking forward to when our final product is printed and revealed. I’ll feel super proud of the work I put in.”