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Pineapple Pizza... yay or nay?

Pineapple Pizza... yay or nay?

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Pineapple Pizza... yay or nay?

Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza? A Detailed Investigation

September 25, 2018

Pizza is almost never a point of contention. Everyone agrees on its deliciousness and superiority to other foods. But, an age old debate arises when one suggests to put pineapple on it. Friendships can be broken, families torn apart, and heated arguments ensue. Everyone has their opinion, but who can definitively say they are right?

Self-declared experts on the subject battle their opinions below. 

Needless to say, people have strong opinions about their pizza. But when it comes down to it- pineapple’s place on pizza is an entirely personal choice, if you like it, get it! If you don’t, don’t, but keep quiet when your  friends order it. Maybe one day, a definitive answer will arise, but for now the debate continues and the pizza toppings of the world cause a commotion.


Pro-Pineapple Pizza

Audrey Compiano: What bothers me the most is that 99.9% of people who say it is disgusting have never actually tried it. Their claims are made on false facts simply because they are popular opinions. I will literally fight anyone who says it is gross because chances are, they have not even tried it. Pizza needs diversity just like we do and should not be discriminated against just because it is different. I implore everyone to try it before making judgements. Also, it creates a delicious balance between sweet and savory and adds an extra bit of texture that is totally welcomed by me. I personally believe you are a more interesting and adventurous individual if you like food that is not common, plain, and boring.

Mr. O’Brien: Yes. I endorse it

Anti-Pineapple Pizza

Hannah McCarron: Disgusting. Plain and simple. Pineapple does not belong on pizza. There are so many reasons I could come up to with prove this but first is the fact that it is fruit. Fruit is to be enjoyed by itself. I have nothing against pineapple, it is delicious in smoothies or fruit salad but when it comes in contact with pizza it has crossed a line. Scientifically speaking too there is something inherently wrong with Hawaiian pizza. The acidity is all wrong. I am no chef or scientist but, this makes sense and may explain what makes it so awful. Also, adding pineapple to pizza is unauthentic. I can nearly guarantee that in Italy, real pizza does not have pineapple on it. The Italians created pizza and they obviously got it right… no pineapple.

Rebecca O’Neill: Pineapple pizza is repulsive and should not be sold to anyone.