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The Road to 5:00

Kohl Abrams, Sports Writer

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In October of 2017, sub-par junior cross country runner Brandon Morton was preparing for the Tri-6 championship with a previous PR of 22:33. He was able to finish his season with a monster PR of 20:15. Morton was not planning on doing any running after that, but was peer pressured into running track during the winter and spring seasons. During the winter, he started out in the bottom of the pack, as he had never run track before. After months of rigorous training, Brandon was ready to be a star. Earlier this week, Brandon was told that he would be running the mile at the meet on Thursday, and he knew it was his time to shine. As he crossed the line, the clock showed 5:02, blowing away his old record. Brandon was clearly in his bag, and I sat down with him to talk about his performance.

How did you feel when you heard that you were running the mile this week?

“Personally I was sad, because i was hoping to keep my pace in the 800. Coach thought I would be able to run well in the mile, so I had no choice. When i saw who i was racing against, i really didn’t think i would do well because of all the good people who were running.”

How did you prepare for the meet?

“I had my ritual of Panera the night before. I mixed it up this week going with the chicken tortellini alfredo instead of the signature mac and cheese.”

How did you feel after you crossed the line and saw 5:02?

“I was somewhat disappointed because I really wanted to break 5:00, but I am still pleased with my new personal record.”

What will you do to break that 5 minute mark?

“I going to train very hard. Spring break is going to be big for me because I will be running a lot, training for a half marathon.”

About the Writer
Kohl Abrams, Senior Staff Writer

Kohl Abrams is a senior, who is on his second year at the Falcon. He is looking forward to making a great sports section for the Falcon, and showing the whole school his work. Kohl is on the Varsity baseball team for Green Hope, and he plays travel baseball outside of school. He also works at the YMCA. He says his favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because he can enjoy football, good food, and family time. His favorite place is the beach, and he enjoys going in the water. That being said, he doesn’t like the sand. Kohl’s favorite animal is a monkey, because they make cool sounds and they get to climb around all day. If he could only have one pet, he would have to have a monkey. He took this class again because he really enjoyed last year, and he values the relationships made in this class.

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The Road to 5:00