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Is Mattress Firm a Front For a Money Laundering Operation?

Bilal Azzam, Staff Writer

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A new conspiracy theory spreading across media platforms regarding, of all things, Mattress Firm- the company that seems to have a store on every block. Surely, there isn’t that high of a demand for mattresses for there to be so many stores. It seems there are more Mattress Firms than grocery stores or gas stations, which obviously doesn’t add up.

The conspiracy is centered on the fact that the company doesn’t seem to have enough customers as it puts on the facade of having. How many people have you seen in Mattress Firm at once, assuming you’ve ever even stepped foot in a store yourself. The answer is clearly not enough to make to sustain the abundance of stores. This key point has led many to believe that the entire business is a money laundering operation.

Laundering money is a way that bad people transform profits from illegal activities to “legal” money without arousing suspicion. If one has a large influx of cash due to illegal activities, they don’t want to make the bank aware of this enterprise. So, they buy a business, and slowly sneak small amounts of the “blood money” at a time into the bank along with the money coming from the “front” business, which in this case is the mattress firm.

Some areas in the United States can have more than five Mattress Firms located in the exact block. Or even four locations on the corner of each intersection. For example, in Austin Texas you can count over ten stores within a ten-mile radius, making it very suspicious. In order to make the term laundering more clear, think about the popular show Breaking Bad. Teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White made a large sum of money in a matter of months, and he knew that banks would quickly grow apprehensive about how he was getting all that money. So, Walter White bought a car wash shop and slowly began to integrate the drug money with money made from the car wash.

This may not be the only conspiracy theory about Mattress Firm, and many people believe different things about the sketchy store. One person at Green Hope stated “Mattress Firms are a front for the Illuminati and probably have tiny soldiers hiding in plain sight ready to attack at any moment. The money made by selling these mattresses are used to buy biological weapons.” This person wanted to remain anonymous. Although one person believes this theory, there isn’t too much evidence to support it, which is why it’s not very popular.

The theories stated above are not proven to be facts by any means, rather they are meant to get people’s minds thinking about the possibilities and secrets hidden in the simplest aspects of the world. Mattress Firm could be a dark money laundering business, a place to buy biological weapons, or simply just a store selling mattresses. Tune in next month for a new conspiracy that explores other parts of the deceivingly dark world we may be living in.

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Bilal Azzam, News Editor

Bilal is a Junior in is his second year on staff. Originally from New Jersey, Bilal moved to Egypt
when he was six years old and spent 5 years in Cairo...

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Is Mattress Firm a Front For a Money Laundering Operation?