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A Unified Korea

Kaia Patel, Staff Writer

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The 23rd Winter Olympics started on Friday, February 9th. With 92 countries participating, the 2018 Winter Olympics is becoming to be known as the largest Winter Olympics yet. Breaking barriers, the 2018 opening ceremony made history when athletes from both North Korea and South Korea marched together under a unified flag- a step towards reconciling a tense history of political and ethnic conflict.

Although this wasn’t the first time that the two Koreas marched together unified under one flag (2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, 2004 in Athens, Greece, and 2006 in Torino, Italy), the symbolism was powerful in South Korea, where North Korea is discernible from the peaks of the ski slopes.   

In an address to the International Olympic Committee, Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, said,”Many considered it an impossible dream to have an Olympics of peace, in which North Korea would participate and the two Koreas would form a joint team.”

Another surprise of the North and South Korean relations in his year’s Olympics was the welcoming of Kim Yo-jong, the younger sister of Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s dictator. Her presence in South Korea marks the first immediate member of the Kim family to visit South Korea in decades. “ I read an article online saying that South Korea has given the nickname of ‘North Korea’s Ivanka’ to Kim Yo-jong,” sophomore Anjali Karkera comments.

Will these events spark a chance at reconciliation between the two Koreas, a possible unified Korea? Or will relations between the North and South remain the same, if not slightly warmer? Only time will tell.

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Kaia Patel, Opinion Editor

Meet Kaia Patel. Kaia is a Junior this year. Over summer break she went to New York for
some sightseeing and time with family. She currently runs cross country for the school. When
she is not running, she is usually pretty occupied with her siblings, watching The Office, or
maybe listening to some T. Swift. Her favorite color is light green and she also loves to write for
fun, which is why she decided to join The Falcon. Kaia’s hope for this school year is to simply just
survive her junior year and also make it a good one!

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A Unified Korea