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The Carpool Conundrum

Shea Kofkin-Hansen, Staff Writer

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Every morning, Green Hope students are forced to scrutinizingly plan what time they need to leave their house to get to school on time based on how long the carpool line will take to get through.  The excruciatingly long line of cars often snakes all the way down Carpenter Upchurch road and loops through a windy half-mile stretch of road: more commonly known as the carpool line.   The system, when described on paper seems as if it should work smoothly and flawlessly.  However, it is obviously not the case.  

There are several reasons for this conundrum.  Parents and students consistently are consistently going against the carpool process and acting like they don’t know the simple rules.  Students are often held up behind care letting their children out in the middle of the carpool line despite the teachers and administrators specifically telling them not to.  In addition, Ms. Summers’ weekly principal message never fails to mention how parents need to pull all the way up to the front when dropping off their kids in the morning and how they aren’t allowed to let students out early. This is not a new issue and has existed since the carpool procedure began.

The Green Hope athletic director Coach Fegeley often has the job of standings at the top circle of carpool and ensuring that traffic is moving smoothly.  When asked about his thoughts on the current procedure, he responded, “We have a unique carpool set up at Green Hope. Ir is designed to get as many kids into school as quickly as possible.  In the morning, people feel a rush and want their kids to get to school on time.  If everyone follows directions we would certainly be able to get kids to school on time and in a safe manner.”  

It is imperative that both students and parents follow the directions and listen to staff members whom are only trying to help.  By doing this, we will all be able to enjoy a safe school environment and arrive on and off campus the best way possible.

About the Writer
Shea Kofkin-Hansen, Social Media Director

Australian-native Shea Kofkin-Hansen is a senior and third-year staff member of The Falcon.
Kofkin-Hansen mainly serves as The Falcon’s Social Media Liaison, but her drive and outgoing
nature has led her to do so much more within the Green Hope community and beyond. She has
created many videos for The Falcon that has gone viral, and she was partly responsible for
orchestrating Green Hope’s Student Walkout event in March of 2018. While journalism and
media coverage is a passion of hers, she also maintains two jobs outside of school, travels, and
is an active member in of Green Hope’s cross country team and theater program.

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The Carpool Conundrum