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The McDonalds logo. #ImLovinIt

The McDonalds logo. #ImLovinIt

McDonalds: The Best Fast Food Chain

Not much is better than dipping warm and salty french fries into the cold and creamy whip of  McDonald’s ice cream. It is obvious that McDonald’s has the best balance of the three “fast food characteristics.” McDonald’s offers quick service, good quality food, and, of course, great prices.

Some may say that Chick-fil-A is the best fast food chain, but I disagree. If fast food restaurants were graded solely on the taste of the food, then Chick-fil-A would be in the running for first place. However, food quality is not the only factor in assessments of these restaurants. I believe that McDonald’s is the better choice, especially after considering its quick service and great prices.

The best meal at McDonald’s by far is the famous Chicken McNuggets. Not much is better than golden, tender and juicy 100% white meat chicken.

When assessing fast food restaurants, one should look at the quickness of the service, the price of the goods, and the taste of the meal. Bradley Stewart, a Senior at Green Hope, believes that “McDonald’s quick service, cheap cost, and fresh flavored food makes it a great destination for an off-campus lunch.” McDonald’s offers the best balance between all three of these factors.