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iPhone X-citement!

Bilal Azzam, Staff Writer

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Apple has been dominating the field for ten years now, and their products have only gotten better and better. The flagship model’s release date is near, and everyone all over the world is excited to get their hands on it.

The iPhone X (pronounced 10) has been available for pre-order for about a week now, and multiple shipments have already sold out. Quinn Mahone, a sophomore at Green Hope High School, has already pre-ordered it, and he couldn’t be more excited. After asking him what he loves so much about this phone, he said, “ I enjoy the phone’s large screen size, faster processor, crisper colors (brighter brights and darker darks) as well as the camera overhaul”.

Although many are excited about this device, some are very spectacle. Mateo Perdomo, an Android user, is not impressed with the device at all. He always thought of apple as a bandwagon. Also, he believes that the device’s price is ridiculous (starting price is $1,000). He exclaims “ The iPhone X is expensive and very pricey for no reason at all.”

Clearly, the iPhone X has a lot of hype, but at the same time, some people aren’t too excited. However, it is no doubt that Apple’s new product will do excellent, and people everywhere will try their best to get their hands on it. Although it’s pricey, many will debate that it is worth the price, because Apple has decided to go all out on their 10-year product.

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Bilal Azzam, News Editor
Bilal is a Junior in is his second year on staff. Originally from New Jersey, Bilal moved to Egypt when he was six years old and spent 5 years in Cairo until eventually settling in Cary. He is looking forward to Junior year so that he can go off campus to Chick-Fil-A at lunch. On...
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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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iPhone X-citement!