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Announcements 11/1

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Announcements 11/1

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Daily Dad Joke:

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

A: Pumpkin Pi

Fill out this survey about your favorite holiday!!

2017-2018 Club List


Media Center: Tell us what you think! Take the GHHS Library Student Survey and help us improve the Media Center.

Lunch with a stranger: Please come join us to meet new people in room 3306. You will be pared 2 people at a time and will have a series of questions to ask each other and then rotate throughout the lunch period. You can come and go as you please.

PreACT TEST: The Pre ACT test will be administered on Wednesday, November 8th to ALL current 10th-grade students.

BEFORE THE TEST Create an ACT profile to access resources and your scores. Students may choose to visit: for more information about the Pre ACT. ON TEST DAY Students need to bring: – Two #2 pencils with soft erasers (NOT mechanical pencils). NO HIGHLIGHTERS. – An acceptable calculator (see ACT requirements:

ON TEST DAY Students need to bring: – Two #2 pencils with soft erasers (NOT mechanical pencils). NO HIGHLIGHTERS. – An acceptable calculator (see ACT requirements:

Gymnastics Team: There is an interest meeting 1st half of lunch in the front office for Gymnastics team.

Chorus Department: Congratulations to five Green Hope Chorus students who have been selected to participate in the NC High School Honors Chorus! These students will participate in the NC Honors Chorus Clinic in Winston-Salem Nov. 11-12 and will perform for the NC Music Educator’s Conference. Congratulations to: Michael Dismuke, Rae Fredette, Luna Hou, Cathy Kramer, and Alex Payton!

Career Conversations: 

Career Conversation: On Thursday, 11/09- Duke University Health System representatives will visit for a Career Conversation to discuss careers in a clinical laboratory setting – during Lunch A in the Auditorium. Please encourage students with an interest in Biology, Chemistry and science in general to attend. Students earn tutorial credit by attending and signing in.

Career Conversation: The North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP) will visit on Monday, 11/20 during Lunch A in room 318 for a Career Conversation to talk with students about the fantastic opportunities they offer to for an apprenticeship in one of several local advanced manufacturing companies. The participating companies offer apprenticeships and free college degrees! Juniors and seniors may apply, but all students can attend to learn more. Check out the NCTAP website for more information including dates for open house visits by parents and students: Students earn tutorial credit by attending and signing in.

Career Convesations: Students interested in Computer Game Development should attend a Career Conversation with the John O’Neill of Spark Plug Games who will share interesting information about this growing area of system development on Thursday, November 30, 2017 during A lunch in the Auditorium. Students earn tutorial credit by attending and signing in.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: Do you want to make a significant impact in the blood cancer world? Do you want to gain an inspiring experience that you would remember for the rest of your life? Do you want to be recognized as a leader and a hero in your community? You can have the opportunity to experience and participate in such a program like I have. I, Pauline Etchi, 2017 Triangle Student of the Year Nominee and Community Involvement Winner, encourage you to compete with other students all over North Carolina to gain the title of Student of the Year, make a great positive imprint in blood cancer research, and continue the Green Hope High legacy after me in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! For more information (with direct contact), email me at! Thank you!

Clubs @ Green Hope

All Clubs: The list of existing clubs and advisors here at GHHS is up and active.

SPCA Club: Come to the interest meeting for SPCA Club held in Mod 1 Room 9 in Mrs. Sanchez’s room will be on November 1st during A lunch.

Book Publishing Club: The Book Publishing Club will be having its interest meeting this Wednesday in room 3314, both halves of lunch! Bring a friend!

Muslim Student Association: The Muslim Student Association (MSA) meets every Friday second half of lunch in Ms. Nation’s room 3302. There are snacks provided, please do stop by.

Speech and Debate Club: Speech and Debate Club meetings on Tuesdays every week, second half of lunch, RM 3306

Habitat for Humanity: The Habitat for Humanity club is having an interest meeting this Tuesday in Mod 4 Room 4 during the 1st half of lunch. Come if you are interested.

Green Hope Food Ark: Missed the interest meeting? Fill out this form if you are interested in joining our efforts to end food insecurity!

Stock Brokers Club: Do you want to learn how to trade? Interested in a career on Wall Street? Come to the Stock Brokers Club to learn how to properly invest and make a profit. We meet every Friday first half of lunch in room Mr. Bauld’s Room (2306). No prior knowledge is required. For more information contact 919-434-5585 or

GH DREAM: The GH DREAM club seeks to help refugees who come to our community by gathering donations and raising awareness about their issues. Join us on Tuesdays during the first half of lunch in Mrs. Yamauchi’s classroom–Mod 4, Rm 6.

Green Hope Girls Ultimate Frisbee: Interested in learning or playing the sport of Ultimate? The Green Hope Girls’ team, sanctioned by Triangle/USA Ultimate, meets 3x a week, with fall/spring tournaments and a spring league as well. All (including beginners) are welcome! Joining our team is a fun form of exercise and a great way to make friends and meet a whole new community of people. For more information, please email

Environmental Club: Come to Environmental Club meetings every Thursday from 2:30-3:15 in room 316! Everyone can attend. You can receive APES hours for attending meetings.

Spanish Club is celebrating Day of the Dead by making sugar skulls on this upcoming Tuesday, November 7th. Come to Mod 1 Room 6 if you are interested. Any decorative icings brought would be appreciated.

Science Olympiad Team results are posted on the team website ( Our first mandatory meeting will be Monday, November 6 during the first half of lunch in Room 2326. All varsity members, junior varsity members, and alternates will be required to be there.

The News Satire club will have two interest meetings in Mod 3 Room 2 on the 3rd and 17th of November during the first half of lunch. Feel free to bring some unfunny jokes and dry humor. Aside from the jokes, we also appreciate fact-checkers, people who do thorough research, and video editors.

The History and Geography Club meets every Friday, Mod 2-1, B Lunch

Upperclassman Information

Tutoring Club: Anyone who wants to be tutored or be a tutor can sign up at

School Counselor: Attention seniors: The scholarship newsletter is now posted on the Student Services webpage under “Resources”. The newsletter will be updated with new scholarships on a regular basis. Please be sure to stay updated and remember to submit scholarships by the posted deadline.

Student Services – College Visits: NC State University has rescheduled their visit from 9/22 to 11/1.

ATTN: Juniors and Seniors
In order to attend a college visit, students MUST sign up in Student Services and get a pass by 7:25 am for morning visits and by 11:18 for afternoon visits.  These meetings are for Students Only.

Falcon News Feed Wishes These People a Happy Birthday!

Jean Carlos Rodriguez Montalvo

Akash Shanmugam

Benjamin Walsh

Samantha Iannoti

Harrison Larrichio


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