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Ultimate Frisbee: The Ultimate Sport?

The Green Hope Girls' Ultimate Frisbee Team

The Green Hope Girls' Ultimate Frisbee Team

Sonia Rao

Sonia Rao

The Green Hope Girls' Ultimate Frisbee Team

Cayley Ryan and Sonia Rao

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Green Hope High School is home to a variety of stellar sports programs, ranging from football and volleyball to swimming and cross country, which often have both varsity and junior varsity teams.  Recently, a lesser known sport has been on the rise throughout North Carolina- Ultimate Frisbee.  

When most people hear the words “Ultimate Frisbee,” they most likely picture a casual day at the park, tossing a disc around with a friend or even a dog.  Contrary to popular belief, Ultimate is an intense, fast-paced sport that combines aspects of football, soccer, and basketball.  Green Hope High School has two of its own club Ultimate Frisbee teams that practice two to three times a week.  The womens and mens teams both play at tournaments and games throughout the school year.

We got the chance to speak to one of the boys’ team captains, Michael Chao, to see what this sport was all about.

FNF: Who should join?

Chao: We want anyone, really, as long as you’re willing to play and slightly athletic (as in you can run up and down a field — but even that’s not really required). It’s an internationally recognized sport and we all find it quite enjoyable. People love to play the game! It’s mostly Cary where the sport doesn’t have as much popularity, but all of the Chapel Hill and Durham schools have teams.

FNF: What does it add to your life that is unique from other activities?

Chao: It provides a recreational sport team environment with a not so competitive feel. There’s not so much pressure to win — it’s more about developing individual skill and team.

FNF: What’s one of your favorite experiences?

Chao: Last year at a tournament in Charlotte, we were playing our second to last game of the day against Myers Park. It was the Universe point (game point) and our handler (thrower) threw a Hail Mary pass to the endzone that I caught amongst three other people, and we won the game!

FNF: Convince me to join.

Chao: Have you never done a sport before but want something physical with teamwork? Ultimate is a non-contact sport, immensely fun, and it encourages teamwork and friendly competition. If you’re unsure, come to a practice and try it out yourself! I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. It is very well structured — we have an official coach with the Ultimate Organization. Green Hope Ultimate practices for both teams in the fall are usually Tuesday (3:30-5:30) and Sunday (2:30-4:30) at Davis Drive Park.  I’m Michael Chao and I approve this message.

Junior Jennifer Wang, one of the captains of the girls’ team, said “I like playing Ultimate because it allows people to bind over a common passion in a fun way.” This summer, Wang played on a youth girls’ club team called Warhawks that won first place in the national Youth Club Championships.  There are many opportunities to play ultimate in the Triangle, including fall/summer/spring/winter leagues, skill clinics for beginners, and Youth Club Championships.  These opportunities are available due to the coaches and volunteers who dedicate their time to Triangle Ultimate.  

Ultimate is a great sport for teenagers who are interested in starting a fun, easy-to-learn sport.  Playing Ultimate allows one to be exposed to a diverse community of people across the Triangle that they would not have met before.

Any girls interested in playing ultimate for the Green Hope Girls’ team are free to email All are welcome (even beginners)! Any boys interested in playing ultimate for the Green Hope Boys’ team should email Michael Chao at — or just come to practice! (Tuesday (3:30-5:30) and Sunday (2:30-4:30) at Davis Drive Park)

Ultimate Frisbee- the Titans

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Sonia Rao, Editor-in-Chief
Sonia Rao is a senior at Green Hope High School and the editor-in-chief for The Falcon. In her free time she loves to read and play ultimate frisbee— which she does for three different teams! She hopes to find herself at UNC Chapel Hill next year, double majoring in journalism and business or journalism and...
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Ultimate Frisbee: The Ultimate Sport?