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Clyde, age 3, dressed as a lion.

Clyde, age 3, dressed as a lion.

Clyde, age 3, dressed as a lion.

Green Hope Teacher Pets

Teachers love going home to be with their dogs, for their good-natured fun, healing powers, and quirky habits.

Miss Sanchez, a Green Hope Spanish teacher, has two dogs, Ginger and Frida, which she adopted from New Leash on Life, an organization “that educates inmates on how to train and care for dogs over a period of several weeks” with the purpose of , “teaching them a new trade they can apply in the outside world.” She went on to describe the healing powers dogs can have on people, and how all of humanity can benefit from them, while sharing her favorite quote from Ghandi, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Ginger and Frida at the beach with Miss Sanchez

Fun fact: When Ginger and Frida were adopted, Miss Sanchez was given a daily log the inmates recorded for the new owners, one of them wrote that Frida (formerly named Little Princess), smelled like Cheetos when she needed a bath!

Mr. O’Brien, a Green Hope English teacher, has two pit bulls and one Boston Terrier, Diesel, Arby and Rudy. Mr. O’Brien mentioned that the little dog, Rudy, loves to annoy both Diesel and Arby, indicating that size doesn’t intimidate the little pup. Arby on the other hand, loves to chase after balls and occasionally scare children, while Diesel loves truck rides and being walked on the Eno River.

Miss Nation, a Green Hope English teacher, has two dogs and one cat, Vera, Ruby and Clyde. Ruby was found in the swamps of Louisiana, but later transferred to a shelter in North Carolina. She isn’t the brightest dog in the pack as , “she loves chasing everything (squirrels, bikers, the cat … until she remembers she’s scared of the cat).” Clyde is the mean pet of the bunch, as he has no reservations when it comes to biting house guests, but like all cats, he enjoys sunshine and eating. Vera, unlike her kinsmen, is smart, soft, and full of love, even if she is a bit neurotic, “She hates copperhead snakes and thunderstorms. She loves me and playing with tennis balls (obsession might be a more accurate description — on both counts).”


So while you think you, or someone you know is the teacher’s pet, the reality is very different.