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Class of 2018 Commit: Grace Wagner

Peyton Barish, Sports Editor

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Grace Wagner was the first commitment of the class of 2018, announcing her commitment August 2nd, 2016 to the Clemson Tigers in pursuit of a college soccer career.  Wagner is a studette on and off the soccer field.  She boasts a 4.58 GPA and challenges herself in the classroom, making her a true student-athlete.  On the field she will graduate as one of Green Hope’s most successful strikers with a junior year that was one of the best statistical seasons in the state.  She scored 21 goals and added 16 assists leading the team in both categories.  

Melanie Brown

When did you begin playing the sport you committed to?

“I started playing when I was four on a team named The Fire, and I was lucky enough to be coached by my dad until I was seven years old.”

What inspired you or pushed you to pursue a sport at the collegiate level?

“My sister, who I believe is even better than me, because she was successful with it and had been to national team camps before.”

What schools were you considering before your commitment?

“I was considering Georgia, Georgetown, and Old Dominion.”

What separated Clemson from the others?

“I guess because I had been around the school for four years I knew all the players and coaches, and it felt like home already”

What was the deciding factor in your choice?

“The summer I committed I went to the Georgia camp and then the Clemson camp a day later, and I could only see myself going to Clemson and not Georgia.”

Did sports prevent you from doing anything you would have done if you had not been occupied with sports?

“Not really because my dad was an athlete and sports run in our family.”

Who had the most impact on you in your sports life?

“Probably my coach Sean Nahas.  8th grade year I had considered taking a year off from soccer because I was no longer enjoying the sport due to the pressure that came with playing at a high level.  He talked to me on the phone for two hours, and completely changed the way he coached me so that I would enjoy the sport more.  He is a big part of why I play soccer at such a high level now.”

Do you know what you want to major in?

“Health science because I like science, and am considering becoming a physical therapist.”

What’s your pregame hype music like?

“Not rap, I really enjoy throwback songs by Rihanna and Chris Brown.”

Follow her Spotify @gkwagner for the best tunes

If you had to celebrate after scoring a goal which celebration would you pick?

“The deadfish”


Glass half-full or half-empty?

“Half-full because I try to be positive.”

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Class of 2018 Commit: Grace Wagner