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Los Tres Magueyes

Los Tres Magueyes

Los Tres Magueyes

Los Tres Magueyes is a Mexican restaurant in Brier Creek that has adult and kids menus.  The hosts are very friendly and always do their best to give their customers the best service. The music is always upbeat, which inspires many customers want to dance while they are waiting for their food.  

The waiters and waitresses bring chips and salsa to the tables as soon as customers sit down, so the wait for food feels short. Doña Susy, the tableside guacamole artisan, is always smiling. She only speaks Spanish but people are always happy to talk to her. 

The manager, Paco, welcomingly greets customers,“¡Hola hermano/hermana!” meaning “Hello brother/sister!” 

Let’s not forget about how good the food is! The chicken burrito with green salsa with side of rice and queso is an excellent main dish. For dessert, the chocolate lava cake, served with vanilla ice cream, is amazing.

Overall, the restaurant’s atmosphere is very friendly; customers won’t be disappointed.  

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